Stop Arguing!

I remember my family telling me when I was younger (multiple times) that I would argue with a fence post. From experience with my own children now, I can see that it was somewhat hereditary. There is something that just causes your blood to boil when someone constantly feels like they must have the last word…and that someone is your child. (Sorry mom and dad.)

Go with me to the argument between the Lord and Jonah in chapter 4 of his story. I absolutely love the fact that it ended with the Lord asking him a question. Either He did not want us to know Jonah’s answer, or He had completely silenced his back-talk.

I also think of Job. I love how the Lord waited and let Job talk things over with his friends, and then entered the scene with His own powerful Voice. It’s amazing; the arguments were over at that point. The only responses from Job after he was encountered with the Lord’s answer were wrapped up in humility.

Have you ever entered an argument with the Lord? Did you win?

There may be times—there will be times—that we do not understand what He means, that we do not agree with what He has said. However, He is always right! If we are somehow coming up against a wall, it is not God who needs to budge. If the Word is somehow challenging you with something that you cannot wrap your mind around, believe first and ask questions later.

However right we may think we are, the Lord will definitely have the final say.

Father, don’t let me give in to pride, thinking that I have to be right all the time. You are right, and Your way is perfect. I trust You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Jonah 4

Job 38-42

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