To the True Worshippers

In a conversation with my son yesterday, he worded a response in such a way that I knew what he meant; however, his response I think too often describes a mindset that Jesus Himself had to reboot for one at a well long ago. I had asked if he had band practice, and he said, “We are not worshipping Wednesday.”

Of course, he meant that his youth group will not be having Praise & Worship, service, etc., so they would not be having practice. Of course, my response was that I hope he is worshipping every day.

Because our gatherings have been labeled as “worship services”, I wonder how many think that these are the only times that we “worship”. Also, I wonder how many see the elements portrayed at these times together (singing, giving, listening to the Word) as the only ways to give God “worship”.

I believe that the Lord transformed my life when He taught me that worship is an all-day, everyday occurrence. I don’t have to go to church to worship Him. I can present to Him a sacrifice of praise in everything that I do. I can offer Him my obedience when no one else is around to see. I can lift up my soul to Him every morning and connect with the King of kings.

I must worship Him in spirit…spending time in His secret place, and getting to know Him on a level that daily life would try to hide from me. Praying to Him in a language that I don’t understand, and feeling rivers of living water flowing out of me.

I must worship Him in truth…concentrating on carrying with me into the day the overflow of love from the time spent alone with Him. Applying His true life to mine in each decision, with each word, in all that I do.

To the true worshippers…He is seeking such to worship Him. Let us not be difficult to find.

Father, I long to worship You in spirit and in truth. I want every moment of this day to be like incense rising to You. I want integrity to clothe my prayers in garments that are pleasing to You. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


John 4

Colossians 3:17

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