Thank You

Dear Veterans,

It is my desire to thank you for your courage, your service, your sacrifice, your heart. I know that I may never fully comprehend all that you endure, or have endured, throughout the course of your time serving our country. So all that I can say is thank you.

I pray that all of those who have served and are serving in the military in any capacity receive the honor that you are due. Not just on this holiday that we are consciously reminded of what you do, but also through the way we choose to spend the freedom that has been provided us.

I pray for your protection. I pray that angels encamp around you as you go places that we will never go, and face situations that we will never face. I pray that as you witness the darkness of the peace-less world, that your heart is guarded by the Holy Spirit. I pray, also, for your families. May the God of hope surround and comfort those who await the brave to return home.

I lift up all of those who may not be serving currently, but those whose past holds the stories of training, fighting and serving. I pray that the Lord blesses you in abundance with His grace and peace. May there be complete healing in your lives of all that you have seen and experienced. Thank you for all that you have done.

I honor those whose service cost their lives. May those who have shown the greatest love in sacrifice of themselves be honored this day as we remember and give thanks. Forgive us, please, when we choose to allow this country to somehow dishonor all that you have given up for it.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Thankful American


Romans 13:7

2 Timothy 2:4

John 15:13

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