Dear Shadrach...

Dear Shadrach and friends,

Yours has to be one of my absolute favorite stories in the Bible. Not only because it is one that we learn as children, nor for the fact that it is one of the coolest miracles in the Word to tell my own children. No, there is a deeper reason that it stands out to me.

You were faced with a truly life or death situation. You could have bowed before the image when the music played, just as all of those officials around you did. You could have preserved your lives by just kneeling down once. But you didn’t. You didn’t cower in fear before the powerful king of Babylon. You didn’t give in when I am sure the peer pressure was extreme. Compromise was out of the question.

You faced the king’s anger, and you faced the flames—but you were ready. You were ready to die for the sake of your Lord, knowing that He could deliver you…even if He didn’t.

So, to come to the reason that I am completely drawn to your story…

Yes, you were thrown into the furnace that had been heated especially hot for your sake.

Yes, the king saw a fourth Man in the fire with you.

However, my favorite part is that he had to call your names to make you come out of the furnace!! I wonder how long you would have just hung out in the flames with the Lord!

Sometimes it is in the fire that we feel the nearest to Him, so I can understand not being in a rush to be comfortable. In His Presence is fullness of joy…no matter where we are!

Thank you for standing firm. Thank you for showing me that burning with passion for the Lord cannot be upstaged by any flame this world may offer.


On Fire


Daniel 3

Isaiah 43:1-2

Psalm 16

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