Eat This Book

While reading to my kids last night, we ran across an Old Testament Scripture that connected to a New Testament one in a very cool way. I am so thankful that the Lord gave this opportunity to layer the Word to them, to piece together the sometimes difficult puzzle we think that the Bible is.

We had read in Revelation the other night of John being offered a little book to eat. How this book was like honey in his mouth, yet it turned his stomach sour. Fast-forward to last night…Ezekiel was also told to eat a scroll from the Lord’s hand. This scroll contained words of “lament and mourning and woe.” The taste was also as honey in his mouth.

They were both instructed to prophesy, to speak God’s Word. These writings were not only to be eaten and enjoyed. They were filled with God’s words so that they could proclaim them.

Just as I said to my kids, that if they learn nothing more from me than this: read the Word!!! Eat, sleep, breathe the Word! We can only proclaim the truth if we know it ourselves. The world does not need a Christian who is wishy-washy, one who changes his mind and goes back and forth with every new fad of ideas. They need someone who will speak the Truth regardless of the response.

So I challenge you…eat this Book. You begin to crave what you regularly feed yourself, so get an appetite for Genesis-Revelation. Pick it up and partake. Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Lord, we need Your Word within us. Please stir in us a hunger to read the Bible more and more. Please give understanding, and help us to be sensitive to know how to apply what we read to our lives. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Revelation 10

Ezekiel 2-3

Ephesians 4:14

Matthew 4:4

Psalm 34:8

Psalm 119:103

Song of Solomon 5:16

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