A House United

I looked outside this weekend and was assaulted with the beauty of the changes afforded by this season. I am one of those people who become so distracted by creation when I am driving that it could become dangerous. Well, I sense in my spirit that of another beautiful change going on, and I cannot help but be overcome by it.

The Lord spoke of the hearts of the fathers turning to their children, and the hearts of the children turning to their fathers in Malachi. This is to happen before the great day of the Lord…which I believe is very soon.

So to pour out what is stirring within…let the men of God arise. Let the fathers who love the Lord stand up and lead our families. I do not say this with malice that it is not the norm, rather I say this with excitement that I see it becoming the standard as the Lord intended.

I thank God for my husband, the father of my children and the leader of my home. I felt the Lord teaching me last year that the wife is to be the framework of the house, but the husband the roof. Men, I challenge you to cover your households and be the head. Ladies, I challenge you to surround your households in prayer.

The Lord said that He has created a new thing on earth, that “a woman shall encompass a man.” Ladies, as much as I yearn to witness fathers take the lead, it is stirring within me to encourage the women of God who have carried the torch for so long to be content with letting them take the lead. Let us go around them, encircling them in a prayer of protection, as they lead and cover us.

A house divided against itself cannot stand…so may a house united in God’s perfect order not be shaken. Let the men of God arise. Let the women of God arise. Our children are in desperate need of a firm foundation.

Father, teach your men to be fathers as You are. Teach your women to be women of virtue. We need You to lead us. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Malachi 4

Jeremiah 31:22

Mark 3:25

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