Dear Jacob

Dear Jacob,

There are many things I could write to you about. I would love to pick your brain at some point and ask about the deception of your father in pretending to be your brother. Of course, there is also the way you yourself were tricked into marrying two sisters…rather than just the one you really wanted.

Moreover, the way your wives talked you into treating their maids as your wives, also, to enable more children to be produced for them. The way you were afraid to reunite with your twin brother. The wrestling match between you and the Lord, and the glorious name change that came with it. There are countless chapters in your story that I would love to talk to you about one day!

Today, however, what is on my mind is the ladder you saw. Do you remember (I cannot imagine that you could forget) that night that you fell asleep with your head upon a stone? That night that you dreamed of a ladder reaching to heaven? You saw angels ascending and descending on it, and the Lord stood above it. You heard Him speaking His promise to you directly. Not only had He promised your grandfather and father these blessings, but He also spoke them to you.

I guess my favorite part of this is your response:

“Surely the Lord is in this place, and I did not know it.”

There are times that I feel that I am just travelling along life’s journey, hoping that I am going the right direction, and I sense a nudge of His Presence that He is right here with me. It is an amazing feeling to know that the Lord is in this place with me, whether I recognize it or not.

Your story can easily amaze, confuse, and comfort me—all at the same time. Thank you for being such a huge part in the history of faith.




Genesis 27-35

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