This Is for the Hungry

Have you ever asked the Lord to do a new thing in your life? If the answer is yes, are you able to look back and find where He began a new thing, yet you resisted the change? New is great, but it is not always what we are expecting.

I feel a challenge stirring in me to go higher, deeper, closer than I have ever been in my walk with the Lord. It is in my heart to extend this challenge to all who would like to join me in this. I am not proposing a "New Year's Resolution" type deal. I am horrible at those. What I do lay out on the table is an offer for new.

We enjoy new clothes, new cars, new houses, etc., yet we like to turn our heads away from the fact that all of these require a cost. There is a price for new, and I am curious how many are willing to count the cost to see what God can do if we let Him.

If you are set in your ways and have no desire to budge, this will probably turn your stomach. The way of the Lord is perfect, so don't think that He will bend to yours to keep you comfortable.

This is for all who choose to seek the Lord with all of your heart. This is for all who choose to set your heart to honor and worship Him in ALL that you do. This is for all who want to know Him as intimately as possible while still in this flesh body. This is for the hungry.

If I trace back to when the Lord really began to speak to me, really reveal Himself to me through His Word, I can pinpoint the surrounding circumstances. One crucial thing that I remember is that I had been encouraged to fast. This was something that I knew we are supposed to do, but I had never really participated up to that point. Well, I can just tell you that there is something about putting your flesh on the back burner (with the right motive) that unlocks a door through which you did not even realize you wanted to walk.

1) Fasting. I know it isn't fun. I know it isn't popular. But I know that it is necessary.

More of Him means less of you. If you wondered about the price I was referring to is you. What you want has to be laid down at the foot of the cross until all you want is Him. To go higher in Him means that your flesh has to go lower. If you are willing to let go of yourself, then you will take hold of a deeper walk with Him than you could have ever imagined. Please join me.

Father, I want to know You more. I don't want to just to talk about it, but I desire to allow You to do whatever it takes to bring me close to You. Nothing else compares to the greatness of knowing You, Lord. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


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