Dear Nehemiah

Dear Nehemiah,

Can you help me? Can you teach me to stand in the midst of opposition? Can you show me how to keep going in the face of taunting? Can you help me rebuild a wall?

You heard about the state of Jerusalem, and your grief spurned you into action. You didn't sit on your hands and wait for someone else to handle things. No, you prayed and acted. You trusted God for favor, and you stepped out in faith. How much we could learn from your behavior!

The walls were broken down, and the gates had been burned with fire. The situation looked hopeless. The hedge of protection was gone. I am so thankful that the Lord raised you up to rally the people. Just because something is torn down, doesn't mean it cannot be rebuilt. It was time. And you did what you were called to do.

Your story was not without enemies, but I am glad. It showed me your response in the midst of trouble. You kept doing what you were supposed to do. You didn't let them stop you.

Not only did enemies have to be dealt with, but oppression among your people. But you dealt with it.

So much went into rebuilding what was lost, and you rose to the challenge. May we never pass over this moment in history so nonchalantly. May we always look upon these chapters for encouragement, as we choose to do what is right in the midst of what is wrong.

May we live with a building tool in one hand and a weapon in the we each choose to rebuild the boundaries of holiness, the hedge of prayer around our families.


Choosing to Rebuild


Book of Nehemiah

Ezekiel 22:30

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