No Offense, but...

We live in a time that to be easily offended is about as common as breathing. We have learned to tiptoe on eggshells so much to the point that we are afraid to be honest sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I know that some would abuse words for the sole purpose of offending and hurting another…but then some abuse another’s words for the sole purpose of feeling offended.

I feel a challenge to shake off any offense that causes me to find it difficult to show love to another. But I also feel a challenge to make sure that I do feel offended when someone talks badly about my Lord.

You see, I am reminded of an occurrence from about nine years ago when a young lady who was struggling with some hard times started talking about my Lord to me. She was rightly angry about her situation, but wrongly angry at God. I remember being so offended by the way she spoke of Him that I told her so…in a very out-of-character way for me. I told her that though I didn’t know exactly how she felt in what she was going through, I did know Him. The conversation ended with her in tears.

I am not saying that God needs defending. But I am saying to take inventory on what offends you, and what you are willing to defend. If someone speaks against my family, those close to me, I am hurt deeply enough that you will know it.

I may not defend religion, but I will stand up for my Father. I will contend for the faith. I will fight for the One who fights for me.

Lord, I know that You do not need me to defend You. But I pray that the passion You have for us is mirrored by passion for You. That we will not cower down while someone speaks ignorantly about You. Give us wisdom when to speak and when to be silent. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


John 18:36


Psalm 35:1

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