Dear Mordecai

Dear Mordecai,

Oftentimes we speak of Esther’s courage and mention your part in her story. May I speak of your courage and your story for a moment?

Haman’s rage against your people stemmed from your courage, your fortitude to not bow down to him. You stood firm in what you believed, regardless of how others around you responded in the same situation.

Moreover, when you found out about the decree to annihilate your people, you didn’t run and hide…though I wonder if you blamed yourself for what happened. You didn’t hide, but you cried out in sackcloth, wailing in the city. You responded in a way that showed your grief and prayerful answer to Haman’s wickedness.

Most of all, I am drawn to your response to Esther herself. When you let her know what was taking place outside the comfort of the palace, she did not agree with your idea for her to be the one to step up and intercede. She was afraid. But the amazing thing to me is that you didn’t let her cower down without giving her full disclosure of what would happen. You did not sugar coat the situation, but reminded her in no uncertain terms that God would send a deliverer…even if she did not want to fulfill the role.

You had the courage and wisdom to speak the truth and trust God with the rest. You had raised Esther; you had taught her, and she always obeyed you. Did you know that she would trust your wisdom, as she had throughout her life? Did you know she would step up and do what she was called to do with your encouragement behind her?

Thank you for your courage and your part in such a dark time in Israel’s history. Thank you for facing evil, planting your feet and standing firm to the end.


Planting My Feet


Esther 3-4

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