Dear Hannah

Dear Hannah,

You were filled with longing…longing to be filled. You craved a gift…a gift that you could give. You wanted to bear life, yet you had to bear the endless taunts of your rival.

You weren’t dramatic, but desperate. You weren’t drunk, but intoxicated with the burden of your soul. You wanted to bear a son, yet you had to bear the weight of criticism.

You were enough for him, but that wasn’t enough for you. You received a double portion at his table, but you longed for a portion from heaven for your own. You wanted to bear children, yet you had to bear the disgrace of a closed womb.

Hannah, I am not only amazed at your determination, your adamant desperation to not stop crying out for a child—I am all the more amazed that you fulfilled your vow to the Lord that was made in your desperation. You yearned for a gift to give…and you gave Him back the son you received.

I am so inspired by your cry, but I am all the more inspired by your honor. You portray a woman of virtue, and that is rare and beautiful. Thank you for your courage.




1 Samuel 1-2

Proverbs 31

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