Remember When

It amazes me the power that a song has to stir up memories. Now we can go one direction with this and talk about the negative aspect of music…or we can go another.

Today the latter is on my heart because of a sweet worship song that came to my mind this morning. It is one of those that is very familiar, so it is the kind that the lyrics sometimes flow through me robotically—without catching my full attention.

Not today. Today I was brought back to a time 3-3 ½ years ago—a time that I felt the Lord nearer than I ever have in my life. A time that He was almost tangible.

I say all this not to give a glimpse into my own personal walk with the Lord, but to encourage you in your own.

You see, this morning I didn’t particularly “feel” the Lord as near as I did at that time several years ago. But I do feel that He whispered the memory into my heart to stir me up, to draw me close. Just remembering that night caused an emotional response. One that softened my heart, reminding me that I belong in His Presence.

Lord, when I don’t feel like I am as close to You as I was at specific times in the past, I choose to remember those times…and remember that You are still the same, and still as near to me now. I choose to remember that who You were then, who You were in the Word—that You are still the same God today. I choose to draw near to You. Thank You for the memory. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Psalm 77

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