October 4, 2017


As I ask the Lord what to write this morning, the phrase “Burn-out” keeps replaying in my mind.  Sadly, what goes along with that phrase is the image of people I have witnessed being on fire for the Lord at one time, yet no longer seem to be consumed with a passion for Him anymore. 


Ruts are part of life.  Burn-out is so easy to come by in the fast-paced, drive-thru society in which we live.  If “new” isn’t a consistent thing that we can indulge in, we tend to go look for it somewhere else. 


Living for the next high, making sure that something is fresh on the horizon, can cause us to neglect the most crucial parts of our journey—the waiting periods.  I understand that this is not going to be popular, but I also understand that to become rooted and grounded in Christ we must stay still long enough for our roots to dig deep. 


If you have never been consumed with passion and fire for the Lord, I dare you to pursue Him.  If you were consumed at one time, yet feel dull and lifeless now—I dare you to open up your heart to be filled again.  To be ignited again. 


It isn’t about how you start, if you don’t finish.  It isn’t about how bright you burn, if the flames become ashes.  Don’t quit.  His mercies are new every morning…He never runs out of what we need.


Lord, You are big enough to keep me amazed and intrigued all the days of my life.  Don’t let me dare to walk away looking for something to quench a temporary hunger.  I choose to be still and wait on You in the quiet seasons, knowing that You will cause the flame to burn even brighter each moment I wait. 



Leviticus 6:13

1 Kings 19

Lamentations 3:22-23

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