I watched a lady inspect my $20 bill as I purchased some drive-thru breakfast yesterday. It kind of cracked me up as I thought of myself being suspected of using counterfeit money. Not that I blame her for testing it…real is hard to find these days.

It has stayed with me, this thought of testing to know real from counterfeit. How can you tell when someone proclaims all the right things—are they real or not?

Counterfeit money has the appearance of being real, but it has to be proven. It is marked and held up to the light. It may have every bit of outer evidence of being worth the same as real money…yet when tested, it is proven worthless.

If you were to be marked on by trials and tribulations, would you turn and bend with the world? If you were to be held up to the Light, would your life prove evident of this same Light shining out of you?

The appearance of Christianity can be manufactured. Masks are easy, and fake is all around us. There will even be those who can perform signs and wonders in the Name of Jesus, yet when He comes…He will not know them.

We are and always will be known by the fruit we bear.

Lord, I pray that if I am held up to the Light, that Your face shines through me. I want my life to present the evidence that I am Yours, really and eternally Yours. I pray that we will not be deceived by counterfeit, but that Your light shining through us will protect us from everything false. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Matthew 7:15-23

2 Corinthians 11:13-15

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