Stay Focused

When I was expecting my first child, I understood the necessity of having a focal point when the time for delivery came. Having something to fix your eyes on helps you to endure what you must endure.

What has your focus? Are you scrambling for something to fix your eyes on while the distractions of life swirl around you?

I asked the Lord yesterday for a focal point. Personally, I love when there is a specific topic in His Word, a red thread that ties different Scriptures together, that He has me chewing on and digging through to know Him a little deeper. When I asked Him for this, I felt a sweet tug just saying, “What about Me?”

Just Jesus. When there may not be anything specific standing out, I fix my eyes on Jesus. When there may be a million things standing out, I fix my eyes on Jesus. When the world would compete for my attention, I choose to shun it and gaze at Him.

Reaching the world with His love doesn’t require me to take my eyes off of Him—but to never do so, no matter what happens. When the world has nothing to focus on but its downward pull, may it follow our gaze to the One who can lift it out of the darkness.

Lord, help me to stay focused on You today. Help me to lift up my eyes continually, knowing that my redemption draws nearer and nearer each day. Thank You for keeping Your eyes on me, as well. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Hebrews 12:1-3

Psalm 121

Luke 21:28

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