Position Yourself

"Get up and go out to the plain, and there I will speak to you."

Go out to the plain. This was Ezekiel’s directions from the Lord, to position himself to hear what the Lord would say. Literally the plain refers to a split… a wide, level valley between mountains.

This is not typically what we choose to hear from the Lord. We want to go to the mountain or the rushing waters of the river. But the valley? The wide valley between mountains? The place where there is day to day monotony, grasping for the next spiritual high?

Recently I was seeking the Lord about something, and this verse jumped at me. This is not me claiming that I knew the precise application of it in my life. But this is me stating that there have been verses since that seem to keep layering on top of this one, giving more of a complete picture each time.

I say all of this to say—position yourself to hear what the Lord would say. Find a place in the wide valley of your life to quiet your spirit, turning down the volume of everything else that shouts at you. Ezekiel apparently knew the Lord’s voice saying to go somewhere else to listen to Him. But he still had to go somewhere else.

It isn’t so much that you cannot hear Him within everyday happenings, but sometimes He wants to pull you away so that He is all you can hear. I dare you to go to the plain.

Lord, I don’t always understand what Your Spirit is saying, and I don’t always comprehend what Your Word is saying…but I have made up my mind to seek You until I do understand. Thank You for the clues that draw me away from the world and closer to You. In Jesus’ Name I will continue to seek. Amen.


Ezekiel 3

Mark 8:23

Hosea 2:14

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