Overtake Me

It is an easy test to find out how much of a creature of habit you are: just let someone burst onto the scene and wreck your routine one day. How do you respond? Maybe you are that amazing person that can just give God praise for the mess and move forward with a song in your heart. Or maybe you forget to respond with grace and go to natural instinct mode of frustration.

I feel in my heart this morning to prepare for the un-preparable. In essence—I want the Lord to invade my space today. I want to be going about my normal, business-as-usual day and be overtaken by the glory of the Lord.

I read in Ezekiel this morning of how he was in captivity and then all of sudden he was met with the glory of the Lord. I love how he noted the exact day, month and year that it happened. It is truly unforgettable when you have been with Him!!!

There are specific dates that I inwardly celebrate because of the memory of His Presence on those days. Times that He stepped in and shook things up a little. Times that He overtook me, leaving me speechless and weeping. Times that He completely changed my life.

Lord, wreck my plans today. Overtake me, I pray, with Your glory. Everything else can wait, I just want You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Ezekiel 1

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