To Know Him

You can ask my children what my number one desire for them is in this life. It isn’t happiness. It isn’t success. It isn’t a long life. Wow, I sound like a cruel mom.

While I want these things and so much more for them, my priority prayer for them is for them to know the Lord more than I do. I want them to know Him. Not just about Him, not just enough trivia knowledge to sound like they know Him—but to truly know Him.

Once, when I believe I was praying for them outside their rooms one night, I mentioned this to the Lord. It hit me to realize the depth of what I was asking. I felt like the Lord was reminding me of the path that I traveled to “know” Him. It wasn’t the comfortable and smooth seasons of life that drew me near to Him, it was the broken trails that took me to that deeper place.

After pondering what I was asking of the Lord for my children, I still wanted the same thing. Because I know that no matter what they will have to endure in this life, none of it will compare to knowing Him. So in addition to this prayer, I ask Him to give them the grace to endure what they must and to respond in worship every time.

Lord, I picked up the broken Bible that went through so much with me, and I started reading. I saw dates and notes in the margins, and it was a beautiful reminder of our journey together. The pages are not held together anymore, and I have to be very careful when I turn them…but each Word is just as powerful. I would not trade the broken places of life, if it meant not being as close to You. Thank You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Philippians 3:7-11

Mark 10:35-45

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