In Your Arms

I have been tossed and beaten by waves of fear and doubt,

And I’ve begun to ask why life must be so rough.

But I know I’d rather be in Your arms in the midst of the storm,

Than be faced with calm waters without Your touch.

I have crawled among swine in the filth of sin and guilt,

And I now stand wondering why You ran to me.

But I know I’d rather come home to this peace in Your arms,

Than enjoy sin’s pleasure and its misery.

I have stood complacent, comfortable on the boat,

And I now stand sinking in a faithless sea.

But I know I’d rather feel You pull me back into Your arms,

Than to never have felt the water under my feet.

I have learned that walking by faith is an endless sacrifice,

And sometimes it is hard to bear a burden so great.

But I know when You return, I’d rather be running to Your arms,

Than to have walked this entire life and not know Your grace.

Lord, I would rather be in Your arms facing whatever life offers, than trying to brave this world on my own. I would rather be doorkeeper in Your house than to dwell in the tents of the wicked. Wrap me in Your arms, O God, and never let me go. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Psalm 84

Luke 15

Matthew 14

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