A Farmer Went out to Sow

Where were you when the Word of God was first shared with you? Where were you when you were able to receive it?

I will not attempt to re-tell the beautiful parable and explanation that the Lord shared about the different types of soil receiving seed. The path, the rocky ground, soil among thorns, and “good soil.”

We have each walked different pathways in this life, and we could each describe the type of soil that our hearts represented when first offered the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Maybe we didn’t understand at first. Perhaps we didn’t allow it take root within us. Maybe we were consumed with things of this life. Or just maybe we were broken and softened to the point that the Word of life could take root and become fruitful.

I don’t know which of these represent you…possibly all of them at one point in time. I challenge you to remember your state of mind (and heart) when Christ was shown to you. I ask you to re-trace your steps and think of who you were before the seed was sown. And then praise God someone kept sowing!

May we never judge the soil before scattering the seed. It is His Word, and it will not return to Him void.

Father, we may not be able to change the soil, but we can be faithful to sow. I ask You to send someone to water, and then let us all allow You to bring increase. Help us to sow in love…and to keep sowing regardless of the results. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Matthew 13:1-23

1 Corinthians 3:7

Isaiah 55:10-11

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