There are portions of Scripture that describe interesting hindrances in Paul’s journey. It is recorded that the Spirit of the Lord would not allow him and his companions to go to different places to preach. It is also recorded that Satan blocked his way in attempt to go somewhere.

Have you ever been hindered? Have you ever felt like you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, but then somehow you can’t do it? Who is blocking the path?

I am thankful that the Lord knows my heart’s intentions in going forward, and that He is able to stop me when I am to go a different direction. However, I want to be sensitive to know when it is the Lord blocking me, and when it is Satan doing the hindering.

Yesterday as I lifted my hands in worship to the Lord while singing praises, I began to realize that I couldn’t get a good breath. For a moment, it made me want to stop raising my hands so that I could somehow breathe. So, being me, I decided to raise my hands all the more just to spite the enemy.

Regardless of the struggle that followed, I want the Lord to know that I will not allow anything to stop my praise. If it is the Lord’s will to take my breath, then I trust Him to breathe for me. If it is the enemy’s plan to silence my praise, then trust me—I will not shut up.

Lord, You open doors that no one can shut, and You shut doors that no one can open. I trust You with every fork in the road...and I trust You with every roadblock that the enemy may set in my pathway. Lead me.


Acts 16:6-10

1 Thessalonians 2:18

Numbers 22:21-35

Revelation 3:8

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