Keep It Simple

We are approaching harvest season. The time is drawing near for festivals, football and fun. If only we could realize that every day is harvest season…

If the Lord Himself said that the fields are ripe for harvest—how much more in these days! So, do we just sit around and enjoy the festivities of bringing in the harvest, or do we make up our minds to be laborers? I want to be overjoyed in celebration of a lost soul being found, but all the more I want to be one who finds them.

It is strongly on my heart this morning to witness by keeping it simple. Souls lost in sin don’t need a discourse on all things theological to be saved. They need Jesus. They need to know that they are lost, and that He is the only One who can save them.

I think of Paul and Silas giving an answer to the jailer who was ready to kill himself at the thought that prisoners had escaped. He wanted to know what to do to be saved.

“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.”

Believe. If anyone could have given a complicated answer, it was Paul. However, he was sensitive enough to the man’s situation to know that all he may understand was to just believe. And he did.

When someone is lost at sea, he doesn’t need a manual on how a ship is built and details on each part of it—he needs a lifeline. The harvest is ready—O Lord, please send laborers.

Scripture to read:

John 4:34-38

Acts 16:16-34


Father, I ask You to not only send laborers into Your harvest field, but to awaken me to labor all the more. Place more of an urgency in my heart to win those who are lost in sin. Give me the compassion that is in Your heart. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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