In the Gap

Intercede: “intervene on behalf of another”

If we were to take inventory of our prayer time, how much of it would be devoted to intercession? This is not a “shame on you” question, but an attempt to stir each of us up to fight for others.

When I speak with my husband, sometimes it is just enjoying being together—just lighthearted conversation that tightens the connection between us. Then there are times of serious purpose in our communication: something needs to be taken care of and we must come together in unity to do so.

When I come before the Lord, I don’t ever want it to be like I am reciting to Him phrases that I know I am supposed to say. Nor do I want to haughtily lay before Him a grocery list of requests. There are times when it is lighthearted, precious time with Him. Times of fellowship and intimacy wrapping the cords of love around our me assurance and security that I am His, and He is mine.

Then there are times that He draws me into a deeper level of prayer. Intercession and warfare. He brings me into His heart to fight for someone, to cry out on behalf of another, to stand in the gap. He unites my spirit with His purpose, and allows me a part in taking care of business.

I dare you to ask the Lord for an intercessory assignment. There is nothing like watching the Lord fight for you as you are on your knees fighting for another.

Scripture to read:

Esther 4

Ezekiel 22:30

Ephesians 6:18-20

Romans 8:26-34


Lord, I love just spending time with You. It blows my mind when You place someone’s need on my heart, so that I can place that need at Your feet. Teach me to intercede selflessly. Help me to pray for others as You pray for me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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