Martha, Martha

Have you ever been on a spiritual high to the point that you cannot imagine anything attacking your trajectory in Him? There are times when we feel the Lord so near that marinating in His Presence is the obvious priority. What else can possibly compare to just being with Him?

Then there are those seasons that we must depart from the mountaintop and journey on, participating in life with the knowledge that He is still near—though faith seems to be a desperate requirement to keep us connected to that knowledge.

Most are very familiar with the story of Mary and Martha. Poor Martha, we tend to harp on the issue of her whining to the Lord about Mary. And don’t get me wrong, I am glad He called her out and defended Mary’s desperation to be at His feet. However, with a fresh glance at her situation I see Martha as one who loved being near Him, one who wanted Him to be in her home, but was overcome with the stuff of life.

She was so distracted making sure everything was just right for Him that she verbally attacked one who just wanted to sit and listen to Him. Have you been there? Have you been caught in the whirlwind of prepping your life enough for the Lord to be pleased (somehow forgetting to just spend time with Him), and then find yourself a little jealous of one who is just marinating at His feet?

May we never make this walk with Him a competition. How about we dare to celebrate the moments each have at His feet…and lift one another up throughout the seasons of climbing and pressing? Life can distract us from Him. One thing is needed…let’s help each other remember that.

Scripture to read:

Luke 10:38-42

Exodus 32:7

Matthew 13:22

Luke 21:34

Psalm 73


Lord, I could just sit at Your feet all day. I want to cherish time spent with You more and more, knowing that each moment in Your Presence fills me with Your joy and Your life. I just love being with You. Don’t let me get distracted, and don’t let me criticize another who is drawing near. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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