As you know, the sun becomes totally eclipsed by the moon today. Many are in preparation to view this rare occurrence with protective glasses as not to damage eye tissue. If eye tissue is damaged, vision is temporarily or permanently affected. Some have dared to look with the naked eye and have paid the price for it.

Just a thought, isn’t this comparable to man daring to look at the Son with a pompous, irreverent attitude? That is what pride does to us, isn’t it? We leave our protective glasses of humility and contrition in the drawer and dare to view the Lord through our own lenses.

Without holiness no one will see Him…and without Him no one will see holiness. I believe He wants to be known more than we want to know Him. Many are scrambling for the right covering to view the sun…how many are scrambling for the right covering to see Jesus?

Vision can be affected when we choose to view the sun in the wrong way. The same is true spiritually. The way you see Jesus affects the way you see yourself and others. Rather than through damaged sight, when our past tends to put a darkened view on everything life offers, we can allow the Lord to place His lenses over our eyes to look upon everyone with love.

*Just an interesting note that a sweet lady pointed out the other day. The time frame that this area sees the sun darkened is the same span of time that the sun was darkened as Jesus hung between heaven and earth. From noon to 3 p.m. there was darkness.

Lord, I ask for understanding, because I know that You have a purpose for everything You do. Give us eyes to see and ears to hear what Your Spirit says to the churches.

Scripture to read:

Hebrews 12:14

Amos 8:9

Matthew 27:45-54


Father, I want to see You more than anything. But I don’t want to dare try to look upon You with my own righteousness as my only covering. I need You to be my covering. Don’t let pride step up and eclipse Your light from shining through me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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