Heart Cry

My Lord and my God,

I cry out to You, and I reach up for Your hand. I cannot walk without You, and I cannot breathe apart from You. I beg You to please keep me from just going through the motions today.

I may not be able to spend the entire day on my knees, but I realize that I must consciously bow in my heart before You. A never-ending conversation with my Lord. It amazes me that You can put up with me and all of the nonsense that I tend to bring to You. So thank You for being that Constant Companion who doesn’t run away when I cease to make sense, who doesn’t shame me when I falter…who loves me with the full knowledge of who I am.

It’s a brand new day, Lord. I choose to put on the Lord Jesus Christ today, to walk in Your full armor. You have removed my filthy garments, and You have clothed me in Your righteousness. I represent You, so fill me up to overflowing—so that no one sees me hiding behind You.

Let me decrease, so that You and Your Word increase through me. I offer this earthen vessel for whatever purpose You desire today. Grant me a willing spirit to do what You ask.

Help me to walk in the grace and mercy You have shown me…help me to pour it on others when I may be mistreated. Help me to forgive as I have been forgiven.

Let Your love overtake me and everyone I may come in contact with—because love is how they will know that I am Yours.

Yours forever and always,

Daughter of the King

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