What is a devotional? We hear the term often, and we read it even more often. Who first called it that? Yes, I am one of those people who sit and ponder about stuff like that.

I had a conversation with someone yesterday, and a portion of it revisited me this morning. A question was posed about why we sometimes find ourselves in a season of being lost, confused—basically off track—in our walk with God. What came to my mind as an answer was geared toward our time with the Lord being affected by schedules, changes in circumstances, etc.

I know that for me personally if my time with Him gets altered, I am a mess. I never want prayer to be a ritual, but for me to live—prayer has to be a conscious discipline! Time spent with Him has to be on purpose, because it is definitely under attack.

I think that too often we begin a journey with the Lord with the best intentions of truly walking with Him daily, spending time in fellowship and intimacy with Him. However, something may cause our “intentions” to get a little behind, and we assume that it will just happen as it is supposed to tomorrow.

We get off track. We somehow slip into the driver’s seat, thinking that we will pull over soon and let the Lord take over again…when we get things how they should be.

News flash—with us in the driver’s seat, we will NEVER get things how they should be.

I guess the challenge today is to not just read a devotional, but to truly allow it and the Word of God to draw you habitually into His arms. Please don’t let the busyness of life push your time with the Lord to the backburner.

And if you recognize that you are a little off track, pull over and devote yourself to Him all over again.

Scripture to read:

Daniel 6:10

Luke 5:16

Matthew 26:36-46


Father, I choose once again to devote all that I am to You today. I commit my ways to You, and I trust You to make the path straight. Don’t let me waste a moment trying to figure things out on my own. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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