Are You Ready?

I realize that this title has a vast scope of application—we say it with excitement when anticipating something huge, and we say it with frustration when someone seems to be lagging behind a bit.

So, in all sincerity I pose you this question, this question that has been rolling over and over in my heart this morning: Are you ready?

For what, you might ask. Well, I have a memory of sitting on the bench while my team was on the court playing basketball (no bitterness whatsoever—seriously). I remember being more useful to them at times as moral support from the sidelines. If that was what the team needed, that was what I would do. When the time came for me to play, I was ready. I wasn’t kicked back, comfortable and settled. I was ready to go in and do my part.

The Lord has a part for each of us to play. Our responsibility is to prepare and be ready to play it. I feel in my heart that He is getting the board ready and lining up the pieces. Are we ready? Are we on the edge of our seats just waiting on Him to say “It’s time”? Or are we kicked back, not expecting Him to do anything big anytime soon?

I believe that one of the biggest deceptions of the enemy is that we will have plenty of time to do what God wants us to do later. That being prepared to be used by God can wait. Who says?! If my life is required of me tonight, will He find me on the edge of my seat in preparation for Him? Or will He find me twiddling my thumbs…putting off what I know I am supposed to be doing?

It shouldn’t matter if we are playing the position we wanted to play or not…what matters is if we will do what He says with the right motives. He always wins, and He is always at work. When the time comes for you to step up, will you be ready?

Scripture to read:

Luke 12:35-48

2 Timothy 2:20-21

Amos 6:1-7

Zephaniah 1:12

Philippians 2:13

John 5:17


Lord, we are here for Your purpose. Help us to be ready and willing to do whatever You want us to do, whenever You want us to do it. It isn’t about us, but about Your kingdom. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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