The Prodigal- Part Two

Dear Father,

I do not even know how to begin this letter. Will You even dare to read it after all that I have done? I know that saying I am sorry could never be enough to make up for what I did to You, but I truly am sorry.

I should have never demanded my portion from You. Turning my back on You that day is the worst mistake I have ever made. Words cannot describe the shame that is choking me right now. The worst part of it all is that I did not even feel bad about it until I came to nothing, until the supply ran out…leaving me with nothing to drown my conscience with pleasure.

I don’t even know who I am anymore. I glance at the food I am giving to these swine, and I feel my insides screaming! But I realize that I am not only hungry for food, I am hungry for home. I am so embarrassed to say this, but I don’t care anymore. There is nothing left of life for me without You.

I do not dare ask to come back as Your son. I have so greatly dishonored You that I know this is out of the question. But whatever it takes, please let me be a servant in Your house. I just want to be close to You again. I just need You to somehow take care of me again.

I have truly made my bed in hell, but it’s amazing…Your words and Your face have been right there in my thoughts all along. When I tried my hardest to get away from You, I couldn’t. Now all I want to do is get back to You. Please.

You may not recognize me by how much I have changed, but I’m coming home. All I can do is hope that You receive me.



Scripture to read:

Luke 15:11-32

Psalm 139

Job 23:1-10

Psalm 16:2

Jonah 1-2


Father, You know what it takes to draw Your children back to You. Your love chases us down and never leaves us. Thank You for Your mercy that endures forever. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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