The Prodigal- Part One

Dear lost one,

You may not realize how much it hurt Me to watch you leave that day. You wanted to live your way, no longer under My watchful eye…no longer under My protective covering. You wanted what was yours, so I gave it to you. If only you knew that I gave you My heart, also.

Hours passed, then days. I am starting to wonder if you will ever return. Perhaps you have found what you have been missing all this time. I assume that there must have been a void in your life for you to be so eager to leave Me to find it. I just don’t understand, because you have everything that you could possibly need here with Me.

I know that I cannot make you do so, but I plead with you to just come home. Please. I know what this world can do to you, and that is not what I want for you. I want to be your safe place, your source of strength. I want to surround you with love…the love that never fails. I want to provide for you and give you a place here with Me that lasts always. What could allure you from that? What is so attractive that it is worth giving up all you know with Me to have it?

Well, I hope this letter somehow lets you know the feelings from this end. I miss you. I love you. I want you to come home.

You will not even have to pay me back. I just….wait, I see someone a long way off, and he kind of looks like you…

Scripture to read:

Luke 15:11-20

Matthew 11:28-30

1 Corinthians 13


Father, You are the most amazing and loving Father, One who is strong and patient. One who is gentle and faithful. Your love doesn’t fail, and You never give up on us. Thank You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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