Beautiful Evidence

Dear Man at the gate called Beautiful,

For over forty years you watched others walking on their own . You had to sit and beg for help. You were not able to earn a living for yourself…you were crippled from birth.

You had never enjoyed running after a friend as a child, jumping with excitement, or dancing through the house. You sat. You watched. You begged.

You were bound by limitation. That kind of bondage can take you by the hand and easily lead you into the valley of depression. It is a dark place to be in—that room of inability. That existence of dependence, rather than of the joy of being needed.

I am sorry that this was your life for so long.

I am intrigued that you were carried daily to the temple and laid at the gate called Beautiful. It makes me wonder if the Lord sometimes carries us to the place of our miracle when, if left to us, we might have chosen a different way.

His way and His timing are “Beautiful”.

Were you accustomed to keeping your head down as you were given pity? Were you too ashamed of the burden that you had become to dare to look them in the eyes? You saw them that day. You saw Peter and John, yet Peter had to tell you to look at them. Did you see them with eyes of hope, or eyes of habit?

What was your expectation? Would they give you some dignity as they poured into your lap? Did they want to be recognized as the ones who gave abundance to you? What was your expectation?

How could you have known that he would pull you into the Name of Jesus? How could you have known that day when you were carried to the gate called Beautiful, that you would be carried no more?

You asked for alms…you received strength, freedom and healing. You didn’t stay seated, continuing your lifestyle. You went in to the temple! You joined Peter and John—all the way to their questioning.

Your body that had once been a burden became evidence—Beautiful evidence of grace. Thank you for your testimony. I needed it.


Taking the Limits Off

Scripture to read:

Acts 3

1 Chronicles 4:9-10


Lord, I surrender my limits to You. I desire to be pulled into Your Name, and then to let the change be evidence of Your glory and grace. Thank You for being so unlimited. In Jesus’ Name.

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