You Still Lack One Thing

Dear rich young ruler,

Do you regret walking away from Him that day? You were saddened by His answers, so you chose to stay on the path you were already travelling. What an amazing opportunity you were given—to live a brand new life with eternal rewards, with purpose and meaning! A life of serving others was offered, yet you chose to continue serving yourself.

Was it worth it?

Your original question for Jesus concerned inheritance…inheriting eternal life. You were able to present your case, thinking to gain points in heaven. After all, you had followed the commandments. You had been a good person.

“You still lack one thing.”

Apparently all you had done wasn’t enough. All your efforts to earn eternal life, all of your hard work, appeared meaningless in that one statement. But what a beautiful gift to be made aware of “one thing” that kept you from walking with Christ.

Oftentimes we each choose a direction in life, only to wonder where the other road might have led us. Did you wonder? Did you ever gaze at your earthly treasures and dare to think what would have happened had you traded them for heavenly ones? Did you ponder about why He required such a cost to follow Him?

Maybe He recognized that a day would come that would cause the scale to tip in your life, and you would have to choose between God and your possessions. Perhaps He saw your attachment to this world’s treasures with one hand, and that this grip would never loosen—even when the other hand grasped to cling to His.

He allowed you to count the cost at the fork in the road. Was the one thing that you lacked—the one thing that you chose over Him—worth it in the end? Don’t worry, I already know the answer.

May there never be “one thing” that keeps me from Him. No offense, but I am selling out to the One who saw me as worth His life. He counted the cost and paid it. I cannot help but give up all for Him.


Sold Out

Scripture to read:

Luke 18:18-30

Psalm 86:11

Deuteronomy 6


Father, You are worth more than I can give. Don’t let me withhold anything from You. May I be completely Yours, not allowing myself to be lord over any area of my life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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