Dear Jairus

Dear Jairus,

Were you upset that day when Jesus stopped on His way to heal your daughter? Did you feel that He put another’s needs above your own…above your little girl’s? After all, the woman for whom He paused on His journey with you had already been healed. She was healed the moment she touched His garment. Why couldn’t He have come back later, since your little girl was near death?

In fact, she was so close to death that it took her before Jesus could stop it. Could He have made it in time had not the woman interrupted?

However, Jesus chose to call this woman “Daughter” right in front of you.

Perhaps He was showing you that He cared for her as you cared for your daughter. Perhaps He was showing you that even when it seemed that His timing was off, that His way and His timing are actually perfect.

Maybe He wanted to teach you more than healing. Maybe He wanted to walk with you through a journey of faith. Maybe He wanted to teach you about life through death.

And maybe He wanted to teach me, too.



Scripture to read:

Mark 5:21-43

Psalm 37:34

1 John 3:1


Father, I thank You that through Jesus You call me Daughter. That through Jesus I am Your child. Help me to have the strength to wait on Your plan and Your timing. Even when it seems like Your way doesn’t make sense, I trust You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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