The Past

Because of history, we base our opinions on the future. We are taught that history tends to repeat itself, so we prepare based on what has already happened. This is an intelligent practice; however, we can use it to trap people in their past without offering them the grace to change.

I rarely—very rarely in fact—see people that I shared younger life with in school. When I do, I have to consciously remember that I am not who I was then, and neither are they. It is easy to slip into the same mindset of the past when the atmosphere of the past pulls you into it.

I cannot help but have some flashbacks and feel the pressure to live up to expectations. When I see those who knew me then, I wonder if I have disappointed them because of what was expected of me. This is one way the past sets a trap. “Did I peak then?” “Was that the most successful I was ever intended to be?” No. When we walk by faith, we go from “strength to strength” and from “glory to glory”. It just depends on your view of what success is.

I refuse to base opinions of my tomorrows just on the evidence of yesterdays. If it were only about me, sure that would make sense. But it isn’t about me at all. See I have a Redeemer of my past. I am a new creation, so all those things that I could boast of or hide in shame from are nonexistent. Nothing in my past compares to knowing Him, and nothing in my future can happen without His knowledge.

Are you trapped in your past? Do you imprison others in theirs? Our judgments of ourselves and others cannot overcome the mercy of God. Let us step into the flow of the Blood of Jesus and watch what “new” really looks like.

Scripture to read:

Ecclesiastes 3:15

2 Corinthians 5:17

Psalm 84

2 Corinthians 3:18

Psalm 107:2

Philippians 3


Lord, I give You my yesterdays, and I give You my tomorrows. They are Yours anyway. I choose to live for You today, so help me not to imprison myself or anyone else in the past. Your Blood is more powerful than judgment. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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