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If some wonder why I am usually fairly quiet, well it’s probably because I realize that what may come out of my mouth makes complete sense in my head—but loses that sense when it is verbalized. I was not really gifted with speaking, which is okay because I was not really gifted with wanting to talk very much. But it cracks me up when I do say something that makes no sense, and I receive a tilted-head, crunched eyebrows look…”Huh?”

The problem is we often give that look to the Lord in our hearts. We are used to saying that His ways are higher, yet we still fall prey to trying to make them fit into ours. We still hope that what He says and leads us to do makes sense…probably because we don’t want to look ridiculous.

Jeremiah was imprisoned in the court of the guard, and the Lord spoke to him about buying his cousin’s field. We may read this story and think about how he should have naturally known that God was using him to give a sign of hope throughout the impending doom that had to be accomplished. He should have never wondered about the “Why?” of it all! But he did.

This was the man that not only heard it first from the Lord all that was about to happen to his land, that Babylon was about to be God’s weapon against Jerusalem for judgment—he was the man that had to speak about it to the people! He knew all that was coming, yet the Lord had him buy a field. God had him to literally put his money where his mouth was. I can just see the tilted-head, crunched eyebrow look now. His prayer lets me know that he was obedient to God whether he understood it or not. Even when it didn’t make sense to him, he did it.

We can ponder all those we would love to run into in heaven and ask them those heart-wrenching questions: Abraham, how did it feel to hold a knife to your son—because God said to do it? Noah, how did it feel to spend years building a boat for a flood, though it had never rained before—because God said to do it?

Jeremiah had the purchase deeds placed in a clay jar so that it would last. What proof of hope do we preserve in our children so that those who come after us not only hear about faith in action, but can witness it?

I want my kids one day to wonder “Mom, why did you obey God even when it didn’t make sense?” And I want to be able to say, “Just because He said to do it.”

Scripture to read:

Jeremiah 32

Habakkuk 3:17-18

Isaiah 55:8-9

Genesis 22

Genesis 6


Lord, I want to obey You, regardless of how much sense it makes. You know what You are doing, and that is enough reason. Don’t let me be afraid to just trust You, and to put my money where my mouth is. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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