Do You Love Me?

We can read different commentaries and listen to different teachings about the Lord’s conversation with Peter in John 21. And undoubtedly the Holy Spirit is able to show us a new facet of deeper meaning each time we read the dialogue. So please don’t think this is my attempt to put in my two cents…but please open your heart to allow the Lord to have the same conversation with you.

This verse radiated in me this morning as I began to stir around and grasp for consciousness through the fog of mindless routine. “Do you love Me?” Of course, I started pondering about the story, the conversation…even thinking about what I feel the Lord has shown me in the past about it. Then with a personal nudge from a sweetly relentless Best Friend, I dared myself to allow the question to be directed at me.

I even pictured the Lord sitting on the couch with me, and I wondered what I would have come back with in that moment…that moment that Peter was able to face his Lord after denying Him. That moment that Peter was given opportunity to talk to Him again after the agony of failure. “…You know that I love You.”

The words coming out of my mouth were met with a

self-scolding magnifying glass. Does He know that I love Him? Have I done anything more than just say it? Has my love for others proven my love to Him? Has obedience marked my life in His eyes…or good intentions?

I’m pretty sure that Jesus was not in the least bit insecure about Peter’s love for Him. It wasn’t like He needed to hear it. I believe the whole conversation was for Peter. Because when the question was directly applied to my heart, I didn’t feel a pressure from Him that hinted that I have not loved Him enough, that I better grovel and tell Him over and over and over right now that I love Him. It was like He was holding a mirror up to my heart, saying, “Seek Me first. I am your First Love, and I know your heart.”

It was a precious reminder to daily present my heart to Him. To truthfully take inventory of my life and say, “Lord, do I love You?”

Scripture to read:

John 21:15-19

1 John 4:20

John 14:15

Psalm 27:8


Lord, I truly love You, and I want everything that I do and say to show You as much. I don’t want there to ever be a doubt of my love for You. Search my heart, and show me how to love You more. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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