Burying Your Seed

Just to be completely transparent: I have typed, backspaced, deleted, re-typed, etc. over and over this morning. It would be amazing if we could get life right on the first try, wouldn't it? And then even when we present what we think "right" is, it is immediately open for criticism to those who view "right" in a different way than we do.

So here goes: "Offer right sacrifices and trust in the Lord." Do your absolute best, and trust Him to do the rest. My absolute best may never ever be good enough for someone else, but I know it is good enough for Him. And that is good enough for me.

Lord, don't let me write because it is what is expected of me. Let me write because it is my gift to You. It is the seed that I offer, so that hopefully one day I can see You bring fruit from it in Your kingdom. Teach me how to bury the seed, how to faithfully sow and trust You with what happens after that. I know that the seed has to die before any harvest can come from it...please remind me that You are at work in the deaths of life. You are at work behind the scenes, and it is my responsibility to trust You.

May you be encouraged to present your gifts to the Lord without the fear of the criticism of man. And then when the seed you offer has been buried, sown and hidden for a while possibly--may you live in hope that the Gardener knows how to take care of and keep what has been committed to Him.

Scripture: John 12:23-26

Psalm 4:5

Exodus 4:3

2 Timothy 1:12

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