The Last Minute

Dear Procrastinators,

No seriously, don’t wait until later to read this. This is totally me talking to myself. If you ask pretty much anyone who has known me longer than five minutes, they may possibly tell you that it was that last minute of the five that they really saw me spring into action. I am not sure if it is an adrenaline rush to try to fit an hour’s worth of effort into a few minutes, but for some reason

that is how I have operated almost my entire life. (Don’t get me wrong, my time on the job is to be excluded from this. It’s not really a professional issue, but a personal one.)

Of course, the struggle continued this morning (I use the term “struggle” very loosely here, as I haven’t attempted to conquer this as much as I should). And through my mess of slinging the “getting ready” momentum into action, something very pressing weighed on me. We joke about waiting until the last minute. We almost boast about our procrastination.

For so many, the last minute will not offer enough time.

How many people will spend their entire lives living for themselves, yet not have a last minute in which to cram redemption? They will not be able to hit “pause” on that twinkling of any eye moment to seek the Lord. The last minute will be too late.

How many think that the Lord isn’t coming back any time soon, and so they should have enough time to get things right? Even if He doesn’t come back tomorrow, who says we will? Who has the authority over his own life to be able to know when his last moment on this earth will be? Not you. Not me.

So to all of us procrastinators…may we never put off the day of His coming. May we live in such a way to speed it! May we never waste another moment in our own selfishness, but may we fill up the time that we have with His business. Even if today isn’t our last minute, it may be the last minute of those we meet. Make it count. Don’t let it be too late for them.

Scripture to read:

1 Corinthians 15:51-52

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

Isaiah 55:6

Matthew 24:40


Lord, I am tired of waiting until I don’t even have time to do what I need to do. Help me to not waste another minute You have given me. My minutes could be spent leading others to You, so help me to see them as valuable as You do. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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