When you are a child, the more bandages you can sport, the better. Each boo-boo can give a little one a great story: just ask them. However, as we grow one of two things can happen: we can hide our scars so that no one suspects anything imperfect in our history, or we can hide behind them so that all know the reasons for our current behavior.

What do you do with injuries? Do you follow the directions in the healing process, allowing your body to recover the best way possible? What about those emotional injuries that no one will ever see? Those deep cuts that, if not dealt with properly, can also become infected…leaving a jagged scar that actually becomes visible in other areas of your life?

We live in a fallen world. None of us is immune to pain. None of us is immune to injury. It is what we do with it that matters. I can look at the scars on my body and remember what caused them like it was yesterday. They are a type of storybook that allows me to re-live parts of my past. Often when others want

to know you—when they want to know if your walk with Christ is real—they want to know if you are real. They want to see the scars. They want to see that you have been through some rough times, too. They want to see if healing is possible.

I challenge you to not hide your scars. But be careful not to hide behind them either. If some wounds did not heal properly, they still can. Rather than becoming a servant to your pain, allow your pain to be of service to Him. He can take any hurt you have and use it to heal someone else. He’s that good.

We serve a perfect, sinless Savior…but not a scar-less One. No matter where you have been or where you are now, He has seen the worst that humanity can throw at Him. And He has died for it. Give Him your pain, and allow Him to give you a new story.

Scripture to read:

John 20:24-29

Romans 8:28

1 Thessalonians 5:18

Psalm 22


Father, I want to be able to point to You threw my past injuries. I want my scars to sing of Your healing power, knowing that You leave the scar so that I don’t forget where I have been. Thank You in all circumstances, good and what I see as bad—You can make everything good by Your grace. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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