A Time To Be Silent and A Time To Speak

I often joke with my husband about one of the main things that he really liked about me when we were dating…I didn’t talk very much. I understand that women typically use thousands of more words daily than a man. Well apparently I’m not typical. It exhausts me to talk that much.

What is it about human nature that silence makes us uncomfortable? We often turn on a radio, the TV, etc. just for some background noise. We fill up the silence with sometimes meaningless conversation that can usually turn into airing out our complaints. Maybe we don’t want to make others uncomfortable by our remaining silent.

Silence is okay. But what about when God is silent? What about when you seek Him like you usually do, yet He doesn’t seem to meet you in the same place? What then? Do you attempt to fill the silence with vain repetition so that you at least feel like you prayed like you were supposed to do? Do you give up altogether, because it seems like He isn’t gonna open the door no matter how hard you knock? Do you wait quietly?

It is true that there is a time for everything…a time to be silent, and a time to speak. If this is true for us, I’m pretty certain that God is the One who knows how to do it best.

You have probably heard the comparison that the teacher doesn’t speak while you are taking a test. You must remind yourself of all information learned, rehearsing the Teacher’s voice in your mind so that the test doesn’t defeat you. It is our responsibility to fill the silence with His Words, not our own. It is our responsibility to praise, rather than complain, in the meantime.

When it has been quiet for so long, God’s voice rings out all the more clear. Don’t fill up the quietness with the world’s noise...be ready for His still small voice.

Scripture to read:

Ecclesiastes 3

James 1:19

Proverbs 10:19

1 Kings 19

Matthew 6:7

Amos 8:11


Father, I choose to wait through the quiet seasons on Your voice. I don’t want to turn to just any noise to make me feel comfortable. Your Words are Spirit and Life. So help me to speak them as I wait to hear You once again. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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