A Glance Behind

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."

This Scripture came to life for me a few years ago in a way I did not expect. Isn’t that just like God? I was looking at the shelves holding the journals the Lord has allowed me to fill up with Scriptures He has led me to, recordings of verses I have read, etc. and this verse ran through my heart. “A voice behind you.” We long to know what God is saying to us right now, and rightfully so…but how often do we forget what He has said to us in the past?

With this in mind, below is a song He gave me months ago. I don’t ever want to forget something that He has shown me, just because He didn’t whisper it to me today. Oftentimes it truly is the Voice behind us telling what direction we need to go. I have heard before, “When you are in the dark, remember what He said in the light.” If you cannot hear Him right now, feed off of what you have heard Him speak before…and wait patiently to hear Him again.

Turn these thorns, turn them into a crown

Let this pain, let it cause me to bow down

Not in defeat, but to show Who holds the victory

Turn these thorns, turn them into a crown

Turn these tears, turn them into the rain

Let these fields that have dried up rise again

Lord, we have sown, and we know we will reap in victory

Turn these tears, turn them into the rain

He gives me grace and glory

This is, this is my story

Nothing can take my life because I lay it down

Turn these thorns, turn them into a crown

There is no weapon, no weapon that can take me down

There are no words that can accuse me now

For I know, I know the One who bought my victory

There’s no weapon, no weapon that can take me down

I don’t want to just run this race, I wanna finish

I don’t want to just dream of a crown, I wanna win it

Nothing can take my life, because I lay it down

Every thorn, every thorn’s becoming a crown

Scripture to read:

Isaiah 30:21

Ecclesiastes 3:15


Father, I never want to dwell in the past, but I never want to forget what You taught me there either. If it takes glances behind me to guide me forward, let it be, Lord. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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