Dear Cancer

Dear Cancer,

I keep hearing your name, and I keep cringing at the power you seem to have. I watch you bring tears to people, and I feel you lay the weight of sadness and hurt on hearts—causing them to break.

You must feel very proud of yourself for being able to accomplish so much destruction in such a silent, hidden way. Sometimes we don’t even know to battle you, while you are already gaining so much ground. You spread within bodies and across this world…you grow stronger as we grow weaker. Enough.

I acknowledge that at the mention of your name, I have been brought to tears. I acknowledge that hearing of you triggers fear and worry. I acknowledge that there is nothing I can do, in my ability, to stop you. But you must acknowledge that there is nothing in your ability that you can do to stop God.

You may drive us to our knees, but you don’t get it—that is where we need to be. Whatever harm you intend, I choose to entrust it to the Lord. For He alone can turn it into something good. He can make the painful into something beautiful. He can take your destruction and use it for His glory, and for our good.

No weapon that you may form against a child of God can prosper; to live is Christ, and to die is gain. So that power that you think you

have is null and void. If I weep because you hurt me, Jesus weeps with me. If I rejoice because you are banished, Jesus rejoices with me.

The only cancer that can truly bring death is sin…

May all who are plagued come to the cross and find healing. Eternal healing.



Scripture to read:

Isaiah 54:11-17

Genesis 50:20

Phlippians 1:21

Romans 6:23

Isaiah 53


Father, I have witnessed the power of cancer. But I have also witnessed that it is powerless against You. I speak victory and healing in Jesus’ Name, however that healing may appear. Thank You, Lord. Amen.

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