If You Don't Want To Know, Don't Ask

There are instances when people have asked me to pray for them or for advice concerning particular situations. (Of course, I hope and pray that it is the Lord speaking through me, because I am not gonna say anything remotely correct if He isn’t.) But then, even when I feel that I have shared what the Lord would have me to, I have watched people go the opposite direction. So frustrating!!! Forgive me, but sometimes I get to the place of, “If you aren’t going to listen, don’t ask me.

Have you been there? On either side of the coin? Sometimes I feel we just like to ask what God may say about a situation, hoping that He will side with us. And then if He doesn’t, we feel we have the right to choose what we wanted to all along. That is just ridiculous. You cannot read the Word, all the while wishing you could erase some parts and re-write it. If He doesn’t agree with you, He isn’t the One who needs to change.

I think of Jeremiah; there is a reason he is called the weeping prophet—they didn’t listen to him! No matter how long he faithfully told them what the Lord said, he had to watch the people disobey and suffer the consequences of doing so.

Recently, some friends shared how the wind manipulated a larger structure on their property, yet it left smaller ones untouched. Are you move-able by the wind of His Spirit? Do you try to resist when He breathes on you? Or are you like trees that though firmly and deeply rooted, you cannot help but bend and sway to the rushing, mighty wind of His Breath. Knowing that though no one sees the Wind, they know He is there because of your movement.

It is important to read the Word. It is crucial to know the Word. It is life to do the Word. Hearing what He says is wonderful, but if you don’t obey…what was the point? If you are the one proclaiming His Word, don’t stop just because they don’t listen. You cannot control responses, but you can control your own obedience.

Scripture to read:

Jeremiah 42 Romans 12:1-2

John 3:1-8 James 1:19-27

Matthew 7:24-29

Jeremiah 38-39


Father, may I always come before You with a willing heart, ready to obey You, regardless of my feelings on the matter. I don’t want to just hear Your Word, I want to do it. I want my life to be built on the Rock of Jesus Christ, not moved or shaken. Keep me steadfast in Your commands, O Lord. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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