Dear Job

Dear Job,

Many see your name as being synonymous with patience. Many know you by the struggles you had to endure. In just a couple of chapters you lost everything you had, including your children. Because of your blamelessness, you were handpicked by God Himself to face unspeakable testing. And though your wife remained by your side, she wasn’t the example of encouragement. I was just wondering, was it all worth it?

You had a great life of blessing and influence before Satan was given free reign over your earthly circumstances. Then, with a few blows, what you knew as life was taken from you. Were you blindsided? Did you have any kind of hint from the Lord of the coming storm? Would that have made a difference?

It is a wonderful thing to have friends rally around you in desperate times, but your “friends”…bless your heart! If you didn’t feel bad enough wondering what in the world happened, they were right there to put the icing on the cake. But I gotta say, I am so thankful for the conversations that took place, because it began to reveal your mindset. I confess that I used to wonder why people exalted your patience so much. Because after I had read so many chapters of your bitterness and complaining, I began to forget your initial response of worship. But now, after gaining some years of my own, I am thankful to know that I am not the only one who has moments of humanity.

Was it all worth it? Was all of the pain, suffering and arguing worth it? Would you go back and change anything if you could? I hope not. Because you were able to hear the voice of God in such a beautiful way, and we are now able to know what God said in a situation like yours. He spoke to you “out of the storm.” It wasn’t the sunny skies of life that put you in a position to have a conversation with God Almighty. It was the storm.

Your life is the picture of the latter being greater than the former. He gave you a double portion after you responded to His voice with obedience! Thank you for all that you went through—the Lord has truly used your story to teach me so much. May my story do the same for others.

Scripture to read:

The book of Job


Father, I am so thankful for the way You have shown Your ways through the lives of others. Help me to glean wisdom from what they have learned. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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