Who Are You?

It’s fun to find those personality quizzes in magazines and other places that describe us. We like to find a label, a detailed display of who we are and why we do what we do. Specific answers can lead you to know that you are type A personality, that your favorite color tells something deeper about you, etc. Even the aptitude tests we take in school to help us discover what career path we should take…sadly I knew how to manipulate those to make the end result what I wanted it to be.

So, who are you? How do others label you? What is your personality type? What category do you fit into when you subconsciously group people together? Identity is important; moreover, the one who gives you your identity is crucial.

Two specific examples are standing out to me right now. One lived alone in a desert until it was time for him to do what the Lord sent Him to do. He was different. He didn’t conform to what people may have wanted. He made sure everyone knew that whatever way they were going, they must turn and go a new way. They must repent. He was asked, “Who are you?” because people must be able to label other people to feel comfortable and in control. But his answer fit who he was…he told who he was not.

Another lived among people, growing up in a small town. He allowed Himself to be labeled as a carpenter’s Son. When He was about 30 years old, the Man that people thought they knew shocked them with the Words He spoke and the things He did. After shocking and offending people for several years, He was brought to trial. His identity was in question.

You know them by their fruit. You know them by their lives.

How are you known? Does what your life say about you give the description and portrait that you desire? Do you rely on a mirror to tell you your true name? Or do you rely on another’s approval to label you?

May we rest in the confidence of who He is, rather than trying to make a name for ourselves without Him. It doesn’t matter who we are—but Whose we are.

Scripture to read:

John 1

Mark 14-15

John 13


Father, if I search for my identity in others’ opinions, then I will never know I truly am. You designed me, and You know the finished product. When others want to know who I am, may I always point to Whose I am. I am Yours. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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