Sin: Deal With It

If you expect someone to be a certain way all of the time, how do you feel when they act differently? How do you respond when they make a different choice than what you would have liked for them to make? When you know that if they would do as you advise everything would be okay…yet they choose the minefield as their path once again?

What if you are the one whom everyone is trying so hard to reach out and help, the one choosing stubbornness over humility? What if your weaknesses are causing chaos in the lives of those around you? Can you recognize it? Will you admit it?

Like it or not, our choices are not just about us. We affect the lives of those around us…and then those lives around them. Sin has a horrible domino effect. Our current world is living proof.

While it is true that we each must answer for our own lives one day, right now we each must deal with others’ issues. We must find a way to walk in light when those around us choose darkness. We must find a way to walk in purity when perversion seems to reign. When the world outside our door is overwhelmed with pain—and multiplied prescriptions to cure it—we must find a way to live healed.

When it isn’t just outside our door, but in the next room—we must still find a way to not be altered by another’s sin. How? Do we ignore wrong? Do we condone it? Do we accept it? No. Sin is never okay, and we cannot pretend that it is. Hiding doesn’t bring peace.

But love does. Prayer does. Love does not fail. Prayer cannot cease.

We do not have to pay for someone else’s choices, because Christ already has. We must learn to lay them on the altar today…and tomorrow…and so on. And if it is my sin causing hurt, I must lay myself on the altar. May we each recognize our own part in this. Revival in the world starts with revival in me. I cannot make someone I love choose correctly, but I can make myself. I can pray for those around me, while making the right decisions in front of them.

The cross was enough for all of us. May we each choose to take up our own today.

Scripture to read:

Romans 5

2 Samuel 11-12


Father, it is hard to watch others make choices that destroy their lives. But I give them to You. It is not in my ability to fix people, but what I can do is daily give You myself. Help me to walk in integrity, every day. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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