I'm Sorry

I grew up with an older brother—I am now watching my daughter do the same—and fights just seem to come with the territory. (Thankfully, my children do not turn it into a wrestling match as we did.) I understand the viewpoint of some who believe that making your children apologize to each other is in fact teaching them to lie. However, I am pretty sure that willfully admitting wrong goes against our human nature.

In a particular situation yesterday, I found myself apologizing for something that I didn’t do. Yes, I have a tendency to blame myself for anything wrong…even when I had no part in it. The memory of this lingered with me, even into this morning. Just a little bit of a tangent right here: seemingly harmless thoughts can turn into seeds of bitterness so easily, so it is crucial to prevent them from taking root.

While it is healthy to admit when you are wrong, it becomes a little extreme to feel like you are wrong all of the time. So as I wrestled with this earlier (I am totally exposing a weakness to in fact expose my enemy), a beautiful thought captivated me…

My Jesus, hanging on a cross…becoming my sin.

He wasn’t the One in the wrong, I was. He became my sin! Ponder with me for a moment. All sin that has ever and will ever be committed was gathered into one Body. Think of the worst thing you have ever done, and the guilt that you still possibly deal with occasionally. Did He feel all of our guilt? Was that why His sweat became drops of blood?

He took my shame. He took my guilt. Even those times that I am in the wrong, that I legitimately must apologize, He doesn’t make me apologize over and over again. He doesn’t wake me up with a list of every mistake, and make me beg for forgiveness constantly. He doesn’t keep me close to Him with blackmail, making me ever-aware of guilt.

That same Jesus who asked for the forgiveness of those driving the nails, also asked for mine. In essence, He took my place and took the blame. His love pouring out through His blood was as if He was saying, “I’m sorry.”

Scripture to read:

2 Corinthians 5:21

Hebrews 12:15

2 Corinthians 4:7-11

Luke 23

Isaiah 53

Luke 22:44


Father, once again, for all of the pain that I caused Your Son on the cross, I’m sorry. Thank You for forgiveness. Thank You for saving me. Thank You for the Blood. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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