“…then he was no more, because God took him away.”

Not to spend too much time in the genealogies, names and “begot” sequences of the Old Testament, I am drawn this morning to one individual and his testimony. Enoch. Many know him as one of the two who never died, who went directly to be with the Lord without facing death. Many know him as the father of Methuselah, the man who lived 969 years on this earth. God knows him as one who pleased Him.

To have that kind of testimony! To be known as “one who pleased God”.

Nothing could stop my love for my children. However, there are some things that can hinder my being “pleased” with them. When disobedience rears its ugly head in our household, I am not pleased. When complaining and arguing become the typical conversation, I am not pleased. When obedience, submission out of love, and gratitude fill the atmosphere of our home—I am more than pleased. I cannot wait to pour out blessings!

So what does it take to please God? What is required to put a smile on His face? I think of the Lord Jesus submitting Himself to baptism, when there was no reason in the world for Him to show up in a place of repentance. Yet, obedience and righteousness caused the Father to tear open the heavens and proclaim that He was pleased with Him.

Jesus had just come up out of the water!! His Father couldn’t wait to pour out His love.

Do we long to please God with every fiber of our beings? Do we walk with daily yearning to find out what would please Him more? Or do we live as close to our own desires as possible, while hoping we have not disappointed God in some way?

Enoch walked with God, and was no more…I want to walk with God until I am caught up to be with Him. I want to walk by faith one step at a time…and then be swept off my feet by the One walking with me. My apologies to those who would be left behind (please make yourself ready)—but I want to be changed to be like Him, and I want to fly to meet Him in the air.

I don’t want the Father to just love me, I want Him to like me.

I cannot yet see Him smile, but I live for the day that I will.

Scripture to read:

Genesis 5:21-24 1 Corinthians 15:52

Hebrews 11:5-6 1 John 3:2

Matthew 3:13-17 Micah 6:8

Matthew 24:36-41 Ephesians 5:10


O Lord, come quickly! Help us to make ourselves ready to meet You, as a bride prepares for her wedding. I want to please You in everything I do. I want to make You smile, to make You enjoy spending time with me. I love You, Lord. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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