If you have ever been the last one picked when it came to middle school dodgeball, if you have been the one at the dance without a date and not getting asked to join in on the dance floor…if you have been rejected, then you belong right here with me.

I have to share a memory that, though it is probably from 25 years ago, I can remember the emotion of it like it happened this morning. I was walking with a friend on the track at school. One of her other friends (they were both popular, I wasn’t) joined us, and she asked her why she was hanging out with me…because I was a “nobody”. She literally said it with me standing there. If she were aiming at making me deal with a feeling of worthlessness for a long time, it worked. (Yes, this is one of those that I have to consistently choose to forgive.) I still have tears right now, grieving for that younger version of me who believed a lie from the enemy. Who believed that I didn’t belong, that I wasn’t worth talking to….much less have a friendship with them.

How about we turn the tables on the enemy. One of my favorite verses that comes to mind when I deal with anxiety, when I deal with fear of rejection, is Ecclesiastes 11:10. We actually have the ability to banish anxiety! We have the ability to take thoughts captive! We can make our emotions obey Christ! When the enemy would plague us with taunts of rejection, anxiety, fear and insecurity—we can resist.

We can persistently stand at the gates of our hearts and banish anxiety from belonging in us. We can be the law enforcement officer in our minds that arrests every thought that needs to feel rejection, and we can throw it out of our thought process. Why don’t we?!

It is in our ability to maintain our borders, to keep this temple enemy-free territory. Let’s make the enemy feel the rejection that we have known ourselves.

Scripture to read:

Ecclesiastes 11:10

2 Corinthians 10:5

James 4:7


Father, I found where I truly belong when You wrapped me in Your arms. When the world would make me feel worthless, You see me as worth Your life. I banish anxiety, and I resist the devil. Thank You for letting me watch him flee. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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